Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my most recent tattoo.  its for my kids.  kennedi is my Beanie Baby and jackson is my Turtle.  also the insparation for my blog title.  i love my kiddos.

December 22, 2010

i cant seem to find the blog i started while i was pregnant with jackson. figured i would just start a new one. what the hay, its all the same, right?  i really dont know what to put in these things, so im just going to ramble.
i get so bored at work sometimes i need something to do.  so the hubby is in from VA this week and is home with the sick kennedi this week.  poor thing.
we went to the christmas light train in st. augustine last night and it was beautiful.  also a lot of dumb people down there.  we had to take a shuttle to the train from our car, which wasnt bad, but comeing back was a nightmare.  there was a man and a woman that had two girls.  the mom held one girl and the other sat by herself as did dad.  then my hubby is standing with jackson.  how does this make any sense?  so i took jackson because i was sitting and hubby took kennedi. then an elderly man that was standing fell on the dad.  serves him right if you ask me.   
the inlaws came in for the weekend.  almost not as fun as i wanted to be. i love them to death, but im just not so sure they like me.  they are so distant and probably think im a bitch, but who doesnt?  one morning kyle was up before his dad and i told him to go get his mom some coffee. she says no im fine i will just drink a soda.  we had already delayed opening presants long enough.  so she goes in and wakes up FIL and sends him to get her coffee. WTH??? in the mean time jackson falls asleep.  what was so wrong with kyle going to get her coffee?  i had to wake up jackson to open presants, he was not happy!